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​Efficiency Optimization

HVAC systems consume significant amount of energy of commercial buildings, facilities and factories. Our HVAC efficiency optimization solution utilizes AI algorithms, IoT intelligent control and variable frequency control technology for data collection, real-time detection and instant control response. It helps you achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon emmission reduction of your HVAC system.


Our HVAC efficency optimization solution is equipped with AI driven load demand balancing and variable frequency control. We employ the AI Gene Algorithm to optimize control for chillers, cooling towers, pumps, air handling units and water systems.

We use an intelligent IoT network for data collection, real-time detection and rapid response control. It automatically adjusts the settings of the HVAC system in response to indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. Additionally, by deploying inverters, the vents and compressors of HVAC system are now made adjustable. It allows energy consumption to be adjusted based on peak/off-peak load demand. Furthermore, we provide regular maintenance of the HVAC system to ensure its efficiency and reduce operations wastage.


Taiwan High Speed Rail, four-star hotels, multi-national telecommunications companies, regional medical centers, TV networks, maritime transport companies and fast food logistics companies choose our HVAC efficiency optimization solution to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions to achieve their RE100 and carbon neutral goals.


HVAC Efficiency Optimization

Intelligent Variable Frequency Control

Chillers Grouping Control


Contextual Control



AI Computing & Simulation

Cooling Tower Optimization

Load Demand


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