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Energy management plays a important role in the carbon neutral policy. Our energy and equipment management platform uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensing technology and artificial intelligence for facility energy management and equipment fault detection. It helps you improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and, furthermore, achieve your corporate sustainability goals.


Our energy and equipment management platform utilizes IoT technology composed of smart meters, temperature sensors, humidity sensors and other sensors to form an intelligent sensing network. This network collects real-time data and uses AI deep learning to provide you with comprehensive energy management and fault detection solutions for your facility. Through this cloud-based platform, you can monitor ctitical parameters such as electricity consumption, demand/supply, indoor temperature and humidity in real-time, Our platform also detects equipment abnormalities instantly through electrical consumption of those equipment. The data collection and AI deep learning analysis not only help you understand the actual energy usage but also provide energy conservation recommendations to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

In order to effectively predict the energy usage behavior pattern, we incorporate the weather data from the Central Weather Bureau. This helps our platform better understand the impact of environmental factors such as weather changes on your energy consumption and assist you in adjusting the energy management strategy to achieve your ESG goals.


We use data visualization dashboards to present the results on the screem. It allows you to see the analysis anytime, anywhere on your computer, smartphone or tablet. To assist you in managing the energy carbon neutral progess for your corporation, we suggest that you use our platform to build a war room at your headquarters. This centralized monitoring center enables real-time data access to your branches, factories and facilities to monitor the progress towards your corporate carbon neutral goals.


Energy and Equipment Management Platform

Digital management for energy saving and carbon emission reduction

Carbon Neutral Progress Overview

Energy Consumption Forecasting

Energy Consumption Proactive Alert

Cross Comparison & Analysis

Equipment Fault Detection

Tariff Analysis

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