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Mechanical & Electrical

We provide comprehensive smart electrical and mechanical engineering solutions. The solutions include energy conservation, green energy, security surveillance and maintenance service to help you create modern, comfortable and safe buildings.


Mechanical & electrical engineering integration plays a significant role in the modern design of architectures and facilities. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to ensure your comfort and safety.

Energy efficiency and green environment are our priorities at the project design stage. We introduce new technologies and modern equipment to increase efficiency. We explore the possibility of bring green energy to your construction projects and facilities. To enhance comfort and convenience of your modern buildings, we also integrate applications such as smart lighting, intelligent security monitoring and energy conservation in the mechanical and electrical systems we design.


Building a safe environment is critical for housings and facilities. We provide a security system equipped with CCTV surveillance, access control, fire alarm and intrusion detection to ensure the safety. We provide maintenance services to assist you in facility operation and management.​


Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Integration​

Integrate electrical and smart control technologies to create engineering solutions

Power Supply Wiring

Telephone Wiring


Building Automation


Network Wiring

Fire Safety

Backup Power


Water Supply & Drainage

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