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Dat Center

Deployment & Operations

Our team has years of experience in building more than 100 IDCs and data centers. We build data centers for enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions. Those data centers are telecommunications-grade data centers, nationwide and city-grade networks. We ensure that your infrastructure runs smoothly, stably and reliably.


We design and build data centers that comply with the latest regulations and industry standards, from air conditioning systems to power supply, from rack configuration to cable management. We provide a one-stop-shop integtation solution.

We strategically collaborate with hardware and software vendors to provide you with a wide range of servers, networking equipment, UPS power supplies and more. Our team can assists you in selecting the equipment that best suits your needs. We help you with deployment and configuration to ensure optimal performance for your IDC and data center.

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We provide maintenance services including equipment inspections, system updates and troubleshooting to ensure the continuous operation of your systems. Additionally, we provide 24/7 monitoring services to promptly detect and resolve potential issues, preventing system failures and ensuring system stability.

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Data Center ​Deploymenet & Operations

Provide a secure and stable infrastructure for data storage, network connectivity and application computing

Hardware Selection & Configuration

Environmental Control & Cooling Systems

Network Architecture Design

Power Supply & Backup Systems

Cyber Security

Data Center Maintenance Services

Ensure your data center maintains optimal conditions at all times

Periodic Inpection & Monitoring

Performance Optimization & Upgrade

Disaster Recovery

Regulatory Compliance & Security Updates

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